Terms & Conditions

  • Payment for each session is to be made no later than 72 hours after the session.
  • A client may access lower tutoring rates by making a down-payment equivalent to the number of hours required to access the rate, multiplied by that rate. For example, to access the $50 per hour rate, a client can make a down-payment of 10 hours x $50 per hour = $500. This down-payment can be made after the first session, and will count towards the first session.
  • In the case where a client no longer wishes to continue tutoring with SEQ Tutoring Collective but has outstanding credit on a down-payment, the remaining credit can be refunded, less a discretionary cancellation fee of $25, and where the already provided tutoring services are charged at the best rate available to the customer for the amount of tutoring provided. For example, a client may pay the above $500 down-payment, but cancel after 6 hours. The 6 hours already provided will be charged at the $55 per hour rate, as this could have been unlocked with a $275 down-payment. The 6 hours would then have costed $55 x 6 hours = $330. The client will therefore be refunded $500 – $330 – $25 = $145. The $25 cancellation fee may be waived under reasonable circumstances.
  • The loyalty rate available to a client extends to all tutors within the Partnership. A client does not need to make a new down-payment if the client switches tutors.

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